2015 Year-end Wrap-up

My traditional year-end article about the tech trends reshaping the arts comes in the form of a curated selection of the most interesting blog posts we’ve published this past year. I’ve sorted them by category below.

On behalf of our entire staff, thanks for a great year, and happy holidays!

Why CRM Has Become Essential

A single database for marketing and fundraising is the only way to ensure you meet your overall organizational goals. A Love Letter for CRM

Start focusing on the top 10% of your patrons instead of investing your time, energy, and attention trying to “save” your bottom 10%. Loyalty’s the Thing, and CRM Is the Medium

How Disney’s CRM system made a vacation seamless, weeks before this guest stepped foot in Florida. Disney Goes All In on CRM

How Disney has embraced CRM, location-based wearable technology, digital payments, and personalization in its theme parks. How Disney & CRM Rocked My Summer Vacation

Mobile is going to change the way arts managers work because we all run organizations that have geographic diversity. The Age of the Mobile Arts Manager

Transformative Fundraising Approaches

Donor segmentation is all about personalization and assuring your donors that you know exactly who they are. Donor Segmentation 101

In this Patron Technology guest blog post, Bradley Hayes of Plus Delta Partners busts three fundraising myths. Three Myths of Major Gifts

Apply the same strategies you would use in starting a new business to stack your donor list. How Fundraising for Major Donors Is Like a Start-up

Don’t let the new, younger, hottest thing in town distract you from the fundraising opportunities right in front of your eyes. Older Donors Are Better Donors

Data Security and Cloud Computing Matters More Than Ever

In the wake of massive data breaches at big corporations such as Target and Sony, data security has taken its rightful place on the desk of every CEO — and it should be on yours, too. Executive Data Security Wake-up Call: Don’t Become a Target

Online security is one of the top Internet trends of the year, and studies show that 20% of these breaches happen internally. How well do you know what your staff is doing with your data? 2015 Internet Trends — Early Edition

Having your data hosted on premises, or in a server that you manage remotely, is a lot more risky than entrusting your data to a cloud provider. Why the Cloud Is More Secure

Your most engaged and loyal patrons are the ones sustaining your organization. Loyalty Primer — What Really Matters Is Loyalty

Define your metrics. The more targeted and accurate your outreach, the more your patrons will feel that their attendance and support are important and appreciated. Why Intense Segmentation Leads to Awesome Results

Why Email Marketing Still Reigns Supreme

Even with social media nipping at its heels, email continues to be the most powerful digital tool for arts marketers. How Effective Is Email Marketing?

If you ask properly, and make it easy, building your email list is the cheapest way to market your organization. How Much Is an Email Address Worth?

In the words of Len Shneyder, “Don’t count email out — it’s here to stay.” Email Marketing Keeps on Dominating

How Digital Marketing and Social Media Continue to Evolve

Live-streamed video is the “it” thing. Rather than focusing on the potential negatives, embrace it and use it in your marketing efforts. Streaming the Future

The social in social media means getting everyone in your organization involved. Set some parameters to avoid PR problems, and then release the hounds. Do You Have a Social Media Policy?

Facebook is, without a doubt, the dominant social media brand of our time — use it. Facebook: Nothing Else Comes Close

You have 140 characters to convey your message — make each word count! Better Tweeting for 2015

We all make mistakes sometimes. Here is a gentle reminder of a few common marketing blunders that can be easily avoided. More Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Workflow automation can save your team both time and energy while ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. If you have a limited staff and budget, this might be your knight in shining armor. How Workflow Automation Can Rock Your World and Make It Flow

Guest blogger Amelia Northrup-Simpson of TRG Arts discusses a few strategies to help you keep your subscription program alive and well. 7 Ways to Kill Your Subscription Program

If you knew there was an option to swap your ticket for that of a different show if your plans changed, would you buy more quickly? How about your ticket buyers? Perhaps this is a discussion worth having. Exchange Your Ticket Exchange Policy for a Better One

Innovative Thinking and Ideas

Enhance the benefit of subscriber exchanges by putting a dollar value on it. Ticket Refundability — Why Don’t We Do This?

It doesn’t really matter what kind of experience your patrons have if you don’t know who they are — collect their data and start building a relationship. The Art Museum as Entertainment, but Not Art?

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