2015 Internet Trends - Early Edition

It’s not quite the end of the year, but that didn’t stop Search Engine Journal from publishing What’s Trending This Year? An Overview of The 2015 Internet Trends. It’s in an easily digestible info-graphic format and I won’t spoil it here, since it’s a good read.

I will admit that the reason I am highlighting this post is because of number five on their list: “Last, But Certainly Not Least: Online Security.” You may recall a blog post I wrote earlier in the year entitled: Executive Data Security Wake-up Call: Don’t Become a Target. Search Engine Journal’s article validates that data security is a major issue that every executive should be thinking about. To make matters worse, according to their article, “20% of data breaches come from inside the organization.” How well do you know what your staff is doing with your data? Do you have director of data security written into someone’s job description? If not, this may be something to consider.

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