10 Rules for Social Media Sharing Success

© jeff Metzger - Fotolia.com
If you believe, as I do, that big data can yield important insights, then this article on okdork.com, which reports an analysis of over 100 million social media articles and posts, should be of great interest. I want to warn you before you read this article that it is not going to make your job any easier or any faster. But it will likely get you great improvements in your social media results.

The report I’m referring to comes from a study published in BuzzSumo.com. I guarantee you that it will help you understand how to do social media better. You’ll learn how to make your posts more shareable; you’ll discover which day works the best to post; and you’ll be surprised to learn what length of blog posts gets shared most. And finally, it specifies the best titles for your “best of” list-oriented blog posts. You’ll see that the title of this post takes their advice!

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