5 Best Practices for Online Donation Forms

Imagine this scenario at your arts organization: you notice in Google Analytics that your site visitors are spending less time on your donation forms, and ultimately not following through in making a contribution. What might you be able to do to change those results?

Refocusing the look, feel, and content of your donation forms can ease the process of making a donation to your organization and increase the amount of contributions you receive. With these helpful tips from our experts, you will be able to get the most out of your online donation forms!

Choose Your Words Wisely
If you label a button on your website “Donate Now”, make it so your visitors can really donate now! On your informational fundraising pages, explain all of the benefits your patrons will get when they make a contribution, but once they arrive at the actual donation form keep your text as brief as possible. Only relay the most pertinent information, like your development department’s contact information or related fundraising initiatives.

Make Them Easy to Find
Throughout your website, make navigation to your donation forms very simple. This could mean something as prominent as a header image on your homepage highlighting your fundraising initiatives, a “Support” tab in your site navigation, or even a simple “Donate Now!” button at the top of every page. Whatever it is, you want to remove any roadblocks so your visitors can easily make a donation with as few clicks as possible!

Brand Your Forms
Blend your donation forms seamlessly into your website using branded colors and header images, and align their look to your organization’s ticketing pages. This attention to detail will give your organization a professional presence, and you’ll encourage patrons to follow through with the donation process by providing a familiar look, feel, and user experience just like your website!

Keep It Simple
Once your potential donors are in your form, don’t overload them with excessive text fields they need to fill out. Only ask for necessary information and mark fields as required only if you can’t accept the donation without those specific details, like mailing address and billing information.

Remember Your Acknowledgments
Make sure that after the donation is completed, you direct the donor to a page thanking them for their contribution. With a comprehensive CRM system like ours, you can even automate your thank you emails to be sent the moment someone makes a donation. By acknowledging how valuable they are to your organization, you will begin building a loyal donor base.

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