Bad Times for the Economy = Good Times for E-marketing

Sadly, economics is a game of expectations. And, today, most everyone I talk to expects there to be a recession. That’s why an article in DM News called "Fundraising Outlook for ’08 Mediocre" caught my attention.   

Last week I wrote about how e-mail marketing can be the key to success in economic hard times. Today I don’t have to rely on my own thinking about the importance of stepping up your e-mail marketing times like these — I have help:

Nonprofits should, instead, look at recessionary years as a time to cultivate donors for the future, according to Senny Boone, VP and executive director at the Nonprofit Federation. “In times of need, that’s when nonprofits can step up and really showcase their value and efforts,” she says, adding that targeted fundraising efforts should continue to perform well.

So if your organization is bracing for a slowdown in our economy and the after-effects it will have on your own fundraising abilities, now would be a good time to get serious about developing your e-marketing and communications program. We’ll be offering a few webinars to our clients on this subject in the coming months.

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