Are Patrons in Britain more open than in the US?

For the past two days I’ve been visiting with some of our UK clients, and have been thinking more about a phenomenon that we’ve been watching for the past few years – and for which I don’t have a rock solid understanding.

That is — the average open rates in the UK for all our clients is 32% which compares to the US average of 26%.  Why is that? Could it be that this occurs because here in the UK opt-in laws are much strict than in the US?  (Do you know that in order to send e-mails in the UK, you have to register with the goverment?)

Could it be that people here just care about the arts more?  Could it be a combination of both?  All I know for sure is that when e-mail marketing is done properly over here, open rates of 35% and click rates of 7% are not uncommon.

Anyone have any other theories on this?

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