...And Apparently for College Kids Too

As a follow-up to Monday's post, I thought this bit of research would be of interest as well.

I wish I had a dollar for every person that said to me "e-mail might be important today, but it won't be long before it dies. After all, college students don't use e-mail, they only send text messages."


.Email for College2

In an August 2008 study conducted by Harris Interactive for Alloy Media + Marketing, we find that not only does e-mail beat out text messaging by 2 to 1, it also beats Facebook and other social networks college students visit. 

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One response to “…And Apparently for College Kids Too

  1. I’m not that suprised that college kids are emailing. The question is the high school kids who are texting now, will they “grow in” to emailing or will they keep texting? Personally, i think both types of communication have their place. So high school kids will start emailing more (when the get to college?) but will continue texting. That’s my prediction.

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