Is it really about the money?

This morning I participated on a panel sponsored by Americans for the Arts/NAMP here in New York City, on the topic of (guess what?) technology and marketing. I did my thing about e-mail marketing and there were other presentations covering blogs, video and other online marketing tools now becoming popular.

At the end of the session someone commented about how concerned she was about finding the money to do all of these new things. I found this very interesting considering nearly everything we discussed was either free or very inexpensive, compared to any other kind of marketing technique out there. 

Yet, we in the arts seem to quickly hide under the "we don’t have the money for it" rock. But from my perspective, if more people would focus on the pure ROI of online marketing– they would clearly see how cost effective online marketing really is.

In the end, it’s not about the money. It’s about having the will to try something new, and the guts to compare what you’re doing now to Web marketing.

I think we all know which one always wins.

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